miRNA Oligo chip

To enable exhaustive analysis of microRNA (miRNA)

Comprehensive analysis of microRNA (miRNA)

MicroRNA (miRNA) is a type of functional RNA. It binds as a complementary sequence to the 3'-end of the non-coding region of mRNA, and thereby regulates gene expression.
In 3D-Gene® Human / Mouse miRNA Oligo chip, sense strand oligonucleotides have been spotted on the high performance DNA microarray substrate of 3D-Gene®. In addition to high reproducibility and quantitative accuracy, ultra high sensitivity has been actualized (0.1 atto-mol = 10-19 mol). This value corresponds to the expression level of 1 copy per 104 cells.


This gene regulatory function has been suggested to be involved in tumorigenesis, development, and viral infection. However, the target genes of many miRNAs are still unclear. Recently, reports have been published, including one in Nature (Nature Medicine - 13, 486 - 491, 2007), on a possible mechanism for regulation of heart arrhythmia via the muscle-specific microRNA miR-1 targeting GJA1 and KCNJ2. Research in miRNA has begun to transition from the study of expression patterns to elucidation of function.

Mounted probe

  Human (ver.21) Mouse (ver.21)
Mounted probe Oligo DNA probe for microRNA detection Oligo DNA probe for microRNA detection
Number of mounted probe 2,565 1,900
Negative control Non-human derived sequence Non-mouse derived sequence

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