Labeling reagent

To make global analysis of microRNA (miRNA) more sensitive

3D-Gene® miRNA labeling kit was developed as a miRNA labeling reagent optimized for the highly sensitive 3D-Gene®. Use of 3D-Gene® miRNA Oligo chip in miRNA analyses promises innovative biomarker exploration and enhanced expansion of various protocols for development and research of tests and diagnoses.

(10 reactions per kit)

* Caution

  • Do not use this product for purposes other than research use.
  • This product is optimized for 3D-Gene® and the use with any DNA microarray other than 3D-Gene® is not guaranteed.


Reproducibility of data obtained using 3D-Gene® miRNA labeling kit (Human Prostate total RNA)

Detected signal strength (a.u.)

Labeling principle

  • High data reproducibility, with a correlation coefficint of 0.99 or more.
  • High sensitivity: of the 1,721 types of miRNA listed in miRBase Release 17, 1,189 types can be detected
    (sensitivity about 1.2 times better than that of conventional labeling reagents: comparison with our products)
  • There is a good general correlation with data obtained with conventional labeling reagents, but there is a little difference.
  • Use of data obtained with conventional reagents concomitantly in a comparison analysis is not recommended.

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