mRNA Oligo chip

To enable exhaustive expression analysis of human genes including those with low expression

The mRNA Oligo chip was selected from the well-established oligo DNA set for microarray from Operon Biotechnologies Inc. - AROSTM v 3.0 and v 4.0. The selection was made with a focus on genes with substantial annotation information. Therefore, a researcher can perform an analysis without being misled by ambiguous information.

The main public databases used in the design of the probes are the following:

Ensembl human database build NCBI-35c (, database version 30)
NCBI human Refseq release 04/04/2005 (
H-Invitational Database release 1.8 (

The following can be accomplished with the use of the Oligo MicroArray DataBase (OMAD) service provided by Operon. One can browse 1) the most recent annotation information of probes; 2) relationships of ortholog gene sequences among humans and mice; 3) synteny; 4) genome data among species; and 5) GO (gene ontology).
Please contact Operon for details on OMAD.

Mounted probe

  Human Mouse
Mounted probe AROS™ AROS™
Number of mounted probe 24,460 23,474
Positive control ACTB Actb
Negative control Non-human derived sequence Non-mouse derived sequence

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