3D-Gene® Scanner

Enable high strictness and high reproducible analysis by getting the 3D-Gene® chip performance to the utmost to the limit

The 3D-Gene® Scanner keeps low background process and achieves most appropriate focus depth by optimized confocal optical system as well. In addition, autofocus function on board makes user-friendly operation. The 3D-Gene® Scanner has optical characteristic, durability hard coat type optical filter. With its unique technologies for getting higher detection quality with low expression and enabling to be expanding its detection range could lead higher reproducible scanning.

3D-Gene® Scanner


  • DNA microarray scanner
  • PC
  • Digitizing analysis software

Scanner specifications

Description 3D-Gene® Scanner 3000
Sample size (mm) 25–26(W)×0.9–1.1(D)×75–76.2(H)
Scanning range (mm) 23(W)×76(H)
Time Less than 3 minutes
(Scanning range: 22×60mm, in case of pixel resolution 10µm, except lord time)
Pixel resolution Selectable 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50µm
Dynamic range 16bit
Light Solid-state laser (for Cy5: 635nm, for Cy3: 532nm)
Optical system Confocal system
Detection element Photoelectron multipliable tube (PMT)
Focus Focus depth more than 50µm; Autofocus function
Stacker acceptable amount 24 chips maximum
Size (mm) 360(w)×620(D)×310(H)
Weight approx. 40kg
Voltage source AC 100V 50 / 60Hz
Examined variability of amount of fluorescence by measurement of a chip which had all spots outshined inserted into the 3D-Gene® Scanner forward and reverse direction. The result was that variability of amount of fluorescence on almost all spots was within the margin of plus or minus 10 percentages. The median of CV value was 0.7 percent.


>Measured twice by using the 3D-Gene® chip treated hybridization (Cy5). The coefficient of correlation value which was deduction noise from each spots was 0.9998, extremely well resulted. The median of CV value of spots which were distinct from noises was 5.6 percent.


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