Analysis of mRNA or miRNA from FFPE

As for contract analysis services, please contact us first.
This contract analysis service covers the analysis of RNA in FFPE (formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded) samples using 3D-Gene® mRNA Oligo chip, 3D-Gene® miRNA Oligo chip or 3D-Gene® 4 animals miRNA Oligo chip.

Sample to be prepared

  Thin section Paraffin block
Amount of sample 5 or more 10 μm-thick slices
(If the tissue size is 5 mm on a side or
less, 10 or more slices)
Please inquire separately.
  1. Please send thin sections immediately after sectioning via freeze pack delivery (with dry ice).
  2. In order to maintain high RNA quality, please use a RNase-free microtome blade when you cut the FFPE block to slices.
  3. Please note that, in general, we cannot return your samples (thin sections as well as extracted and amplified RNA samples).
    Please note that if an FFPE sample of a small tissue such as a murine tissue or biopsy sample is analyzed, the amount of RNA extracted from a slice may be very small, and make the quality identification and analysis of RNA difficult.
    Please note that, from some FFPE samples, RNA sufficient for microarray analysis may not be extracted depending on how the FFPE tissue block were made and stored, and quality identification of RNA may be difficult.
    If the quality of RNA extracted is considered to be inadequate for analysis, we will need to discuss with you as to whether the subsequent analysis should be performed.

*Samples that we can accept are restricted to formalin-fixed or paraformaldehyde-fixed ones. In the case of other samples, please consult us separately.

Report, analytical options

The following documents will be delivered.

  • Analysis report
  • Raw data

Analytical options include statistical analysis, including intragroup and intergroup analysis based on the numerical data obtained by DNA microarray. In addition, for biological interpretation, using annotation lists, analysis according to GO (Gene Ontology) information, pathway analysis, gene function and gene interaction analyses, etc., can be performed at your request.
(Please consult us separately)

Analysis Example

* For any requested information for 3D-Gene®, please contact us.