Analysis of tissue or cellular mRNA

As for contract analysis services, please contact our Certified Service Provider.
This contract analysis service covers the analysis of mRNA using 3D-Gene® mRNA Oligo chip.

Sample to be prepared

  Total RNA
Amount of sample 1 μg or more
Concentration 0.1 μg/μL or more
  1. Please dissolve your RNA sample in DNase-RNase-free water.
  2. Please prepare total RNA as a sample. (We recommend using an extraction method with a reagent such as Isogen II or Trizol, or performing column purification using miRNeasy mini kit or RNeasy mini kit.)
  3. If the amount of sample is small (for example, 0.5 μg or less), a double amplification method may be proposed.
  4. Please note that, in general, we cannot return your samples.

* If possible, please confirm that obvious bands of rRNA are detected by electrophoresis and no degradation is observed.

Turnaround time

The normal turnaround time is within 1 month after the sample arrives at out company.
However, the time may vary depending on the quality of the sample.

Report, analytical options

The following documents will be delivered

  • Analysis report
  • Raw data

Analytical options include statistical analysis, including intragroup and intergroup analysis based on the numerical data obtained by DNA microarray. In addition, for biological interpretation, using annotation lists, analysis according to GO (Gene Ontology) information, pathway analysis, gene function and gene interaction analyses, etc., can be performed at your request.

* For any requested information for 3D-Gene®, please contact us.