Analysis of circulating miRNA in plasma or serum

As for contract analysis services, please contact our Certified Service Provider.
This contract analysis service covers the analysis of miRNA (microRNA) in plasma or serum using 3D-Gene® miRNA Oligo chip or 3D-Gene® 4 animals miRNA Oligo chip.

Sample to be prepared

  Plasma or serum Culture cell supernatant
Amount of sample 300 μL or more Please inquire separately
Organism species Human, mouse, rat, 4-animals (monkey, pig, dog, zebrafish)
  1. Samples showing hemolysis are not acceptable, because hemolysis may affect the profile.
    Please note that if the protocol for preparation of plasma or serum is not standard, the profile may be affected.
    Do not use heparin as an anticoagulant agent when collecting plasma. (Nucleic acid contamination may occur, because heparin is a biological product.)
    Do not use a Whole Blood RNA Extraction kit such as PAXGene at blood collection.
    If the sample is other than plasma or serum, it may be necessary to perform RNA extraction several times.
  2. Please note that, in general, we cannot return your specimens or extracted RNA samples.
  • *1 In the case of a small amount of sample (less than 300 μL), please consult us.
  • *2 If the sample is other than culture cell supernatant, plasma, or serum or is derived from an organism other than that indicated, please consult us separately.

Turnaround time

The normal turnaround time is within 1 month after the sample arrives at out company.
However, the time may vary depending on the quality of the sample.

Report, analytical options

The following documents will be delivered.

  • Analysis report
  • Raw data

Analytical options include statistical analysis, including intragroup and intergroup analysis based on the numerical data obtained by DNA microarray. In addition, database search for possible target genes, gene function of the target gene group, etc., can be performed at your request.

Analysis Example

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