3D-Gene® Competition Award for miRNA Microarray Analysis 2012

1. Project issue

2. Applicants

3. Fields of Interest

4. Application method

The applications will be accepted on-line since 22nd. October.
Thank you for your patience.

In case of any questions or clarification, please contact us by clicking “Contact Us” shown in 11.

5. Closing date for application

23rd . Nov. 2012

6. Number of the award winners

5 at maximum (See the winners.)

7. Award

The award winner will send their samples to the trustee for the analysis. The whole microarray analysis will be done by the trustee in Japan (Basic data analysis is included). Application for consulting about preceding data analyses by the winner will be welcomed.
(This award is not for commercial service.)

8. Selection

The application will be carefully evaluated by the Board of Trustees in Toray Industries, Inc.
The result of the selection will be informed to the applicants directly and available on the web site of 3D-Gene®. The result will be also shown on the web site of 3D-Gene®.
The information from applicants other than winners will not be returned to them, and managed in an appropriate manner by Toray Industries, Inc (see 9. Privacy policy).

9. Additional clause

This rule may be altered by the Board of Trustees.

10. Privacy policy

11. Applications and inquires to:

Toray Industries, Inc.
244-8555 6-chome, 10-1, Tebiro, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
Contact Us

3D-Gene® miRNA competition award 2012 has been closed.
Thank you for your applications.

The trustee of this award is Toray Industries, Inc.